A roof is a basic human need–it it doesn’t last forever. The material and age of your roof, the construction of your home, or the weather conditions in your area can affect the stability of your roof over time and create unsafe conditions for those inside. Read on to find out the three crucial signs that your roof may be unstable. 

1. Damaged or missing roof elements: The biggest warning signs that your roof needs replacing is going to be visible from the outside. Shingles which are loose, buckling, curled, or broken indicates that the material used in your roofing is to old to be stable and needs to be replaced right away. Broken or missing shingles can also cause a leaky roof, which if unsolved will cause extensive water damage. 

2. Damaged flashing: Flashing is thin metal that covers your home’s HVAC system and other important and vulnerable areas of your home’s interior or exterior. This includes chimneys, dormers, skylights, and vent pipes. Torn flashing will not prevent water from leaking in and will flood or damage your home. 

3 . Your roof is leaking: For this, you will need to check the inside of your home. Water streaks or stains on the ceiling or walls are signs that your roof is not holding up and keeping water out of your home. If you can, go up into your attic (you may need a flashlight) and check the insulation. Water-damaged, wet, or mildewed insulation is a sure indicator that water is coming through. You will also want to make sure you inspect your attic in the daytime–sunlight coming through in any part of the attic is definitely a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. 

If your roof checks off even one of these indicators, it is time to get your roof inspected and replaced. In the Tulsa area, Sooner Recon will provide you with unparalleled customer service so you can sleep soundly under your stable, quality roof.